Unleash the power of music in your child’s life. Rockassori brings the magic of melody, rhythm, and self-expression, nurturing young talents while fostering a deep appreciation for music.



Colorful creativity knows no bounds here. Artassori sparks imaginations, allowing children to explore their artistic instincts, experiment with mediums, and create masterpieces that reflect their unique perspectives.



A place where musical dreams come true. This program is a gateway to unlocking musical potential, offering comprehensive music education that spans genres and instruments.

Welcome to Sori Kids

At Sori Kids, we believe in the boundless potential of every child. Guided by the principles of Montessori education, we’ve embarked on a mission to create a world where children’s minds flourish and their hearts grow strong. Through our diverse programs – Rockassori, Artassori, Yogassori, and New Jersey Music Foundry – we’re crafting a holistic journey of creativity, learning, and community engagement.

Our Approach: Montessori-Based Cultural Enrichment

Imagine a place where learning is a joyful adventure, and every discovery is celebrated. We’ve created that place. Sori Kids’ Montessori-based approach cultivates a love for learning by integrating cultural experiences, mindfulness, and hands-on exploration. Through music, art, yoga, and more, we empower children to embrace their curiosity and build a strong foundation for life.

Our Community: Together We Thrive

Sori Kids isn’t just about programs – it’s about building a community. We collaborate with parents, educators, and local organizations to create a nurturing ecosystem that supports children’s growth. Our workshops, events, and community outreach initiatives aim to spread the joy of Montessori-based cultural enrichment far and wide.

We meet kids where they are.

Step into the world of Sori Kids, where each moment is a chance to learn, create, and connect. Join us in nurturing a generation that’s not just well-educated, but also mindful, empathetic, and ready to contribute positively to the world.

Embark on this extraordinary journey with Sori Kids – where curiosity meets culture, and hearts and minds flourish together.

Every day we work to

empower your child.

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